4 Reasons You Need A Facial This Fall


With the Labour Day weekend now behind us, it is generally a time when most of us settle back into our routines.  It is also a time to consider getting back on track with our skincare regimens if summer plans have derailed some (or all) efforts.  As we shift into this warm and cozy season, learn why you need to get on the facial train this Fall with these helpful tips:


1. Our skin has different needs each season.  Just as our bodies crave more warm and hearty foods in the Fall/ Winter, and light and refreshing foods in the Spring/ Summer, our skin has a similar process: It has a life cycle of about 30 days, and usually requires different ingredients in order to keep it functioning optimally year-round.  Regular facials are essential to determine how you should go about your new skin routine, so if you’ve been using that same cleanser or moisturizer for the last 5 years, perhaps it is a good time to reevaluate!


2. Reduce post summer acne breakouts.  Ever wonder why your skin seems to feel flawless in the summer, only to sometimes come back with a vengeance in the Fall? There’s a long-held myth that the sun improves acne conditions. Although it certainly appears to, what is really occurring is suppression of the immune system and therefore a reduction in redness in exchange for a tan.  Don’t be confused: this may seem like it is helping, but not only has it decreased the healing process that is crucial for a breakout, it has exposed your skin to more long-term UV damage.  The solution?  Depending on the severity of breakouts, you may either need a consult, or a deep cleansing facial with some LED Light Therapy to get you back on track.


3. Repair and Rejuvenate. Whether you did some summer travel, or simply had too much sun exposure, these can be exhausting for the skin and often results in sluggish, dull, and dehydrated skin, with possible discoloration/sun spots.  The key here is to kick-start the rejuvenation process in order to reveal fresh and radiant skin.  Pumpkin is nature’s richest form of vitamin A, and is not only nutritious for the skin, but it encourages healthy cell turnover, and supports collagen formation leaving you glowing and hydrated.  Apple wine extracts also give skin a boost of nutrients and hydration, while offering firming and antioxidant support.  Fall wouldn't be complete without the bounty of beautiful ingredients (and aromas) like these.


4. Prep your skin for the holiday season. Fall facials are not only an important step in bouncing back from the previous months as mentioned above, but it is also the perfect time to take care before the upcoming holiday season.  Depending on your skincare goals, most results don’t happen overnight (Although this would be nice, a quick-fix is hugely unrealistic and full of empty promises).  Give yourself the proper care in the Fall, with a series of monthly treatments so that your skin doesn’t suffer doubly later on.  Go on.. slide into those holidays confidently and beautifully!