The Ins and Outs of Microneedling

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Introducing an all-new treatment for Sound Skincare – the ultimate skin treatment for aging, scarring and overall rejuvenation! 

After much training and preparation, I’m excited to begin offering Tofino’s first ever microneedling treatments! Because the treatments I offer and the products I use are always holistic by nature, I first want to share that microneedling can be thought of as a helping hand to rev up our skin’s ability to produce more collagen and heal imperfections, naturally. 

Of course, it’s understandable to have questions about anything with the word ‘needle’ in it, so this blog post is here to answer any and all concerns about this truly transformative treatment, and to share how it all works if you’re serious about trying it out! 

Please book a consultation with me to answer any further questions, and so that I may diagnose your skin and recommend a fitting course of treatment to get you on your way to glowing, perfected skin!


Anyone seeking to level-up their skincare regimen should consider the incredible benefits of microneedling, but please note that only those skin clients who are already routinely using our products, and those who commit to a pre-facial consultation will be considered eligible for microneedling treatment. Especially helpful as a treatment for anyone with concerns around acne scarring (even deep pitted scars), excessive sun damage, and both fine lines and deeper wrinkles. 

If you’re wondering whether this treatment is for you, please take note of the skin concerns needling is a proven solution for:

  • Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reducing acne scarring

  • Part of a program to treat pigmentation issues

  • Reducing pore size and smoother skin texture

  • Increasing your skin’s natural collagen formation

  • Strengthening your skin barrier and improving cellular communication


Using a specially-designed pen device, microneedling essentially pricks the skin in micro succession, creating channels in the skin that are then stimulated naturally to create new healthy collagen. After training with one of the best in the world (Dr. Lance Setterfield), I’ve seen firsthand how awesome the results of microneedling can be – like dramatically tighter skin, smoother complexions and vanished scarring. 


Unlike a more casual or relaxing type of facial (which are also necessary and wonderful, of course), microneedling will require a more long-term commitment and a serious desire to transform the state of your skin. This is mostly because of the pre and post treatment and diligence required on your part to help achieve and maintain optimal results! 

  • One Month Out – Come in for your initial consultation and pre-facial treatment, the Needling Intro Session, where I’ll assess your skin and get you on a mandatory regiment of recommended products that will help prep your skin for treatment

  • Up To 72 Hours After – Redness, dryness and sensitivity of the skin is expected for up to 3-4 days. You will complete the treatment looking like you got a sunburn at the beach, (don’t worry!) during which time I will make recommendations for how to care for your skin (ie: no makeup, no sunshine, no sweating :)

  • One Week After – This one is optional, but I highly recommend booking a post-needling enzyme treatment, to smooth out the results and boost your odds of perfect results


Needling Intro Session - 90 mins | 175$ (includes 50$ credit towards purchase of home-care products) | Ideal for new facial clients
Microneedling Session – 75 mins | 350$ (includes an LED treatment + take home after-care product)

Invest in a series of 3 for $950 | Add ons: Neck + Decollete | $100/session

Post-Care Enzyme Facial Treatment: To be scheduled 5-7 days post (optional) | 30 mins | $45 just to smooth things out

If you have any more questions, stay tuned to my Instagram page for more info on this exciting new treatment :)